Monday, May 5, 2014

Silhouette Pillow Project

Things needed for project;

one solid color toss pillow, silhoulette stencil, stencil tape, stencil
brushes, and stencil fabric paint in different colors.

Place the stencil on the center of the pillow and attach with tape to hold
in place. Place stencil brush into paint and gently dab it on to palette
board.  Leave small amount of paint, add
onto stencil area on pillow by carefully dabbing brush covering area until
completing entire stencil.  Carefully,
remove tape and stencil to make sure that paint hasn't bled through the covered
parts of the stencil.  Let pillow dry for
two days and place on sofa or bed.  It is
a nice decorative piece, the fabric paint instructions should state how many
washings the paint could withstand on the item before it states to fade or wash
away.  It is a good idea to keep pillow
from getting dirty or dusty.  It is a
great way to make an ordinary thrift store pillow extraordinary!

Add stencil

secure stencil with stencil tape

Fabric paint, stencil brushes and small tray to add paint


Fabric paint can be found on eBay, craft stores


Dab paint on with stencil brush


small palette tray


Finished product


Beautiful silhouette pillow


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