Thursday, July 31, 2014

Collecting vintage jewelry as a hobby

I love finding old vintage antique jewelry at estate sales, yard sales and on eBay.  When shopping online for vintage jewelry it is best to shop from reputable well known websites such as Ruby Lane, Tias,  Tocadero, and shop goodwill.  Vintage jewelry from different era's are really old gems, many pieces are intricate with the art nouveau period, and art deco era from 1920s to 1940s.  Design is very streamlined, bold and geometric in design. 

There are many different periods of jewelry designs in history, a lot of times the jewelry will tell its age because of the design and the wear on it.   Beware of fakes on the market from China;  it is better to shop on well known online antique shops, not the auction sites.

On auction sites there is a small risk of jewelry being reproductions; if purchasing for only private collection it would be risky but okay.  If you are purchasing vintage jewelry as a reseller than the jewelry should be verified as original piece regardless of price.  

Here are some photos of some of my pieces, I really don't spend a lot of money on these pieces but it makes feel good saving a piece of unique vintage jewelry history.

Chinese blessing charm

1920s scarab earrings

1933 worlds fair ring

1940s era delft jewelry lot

tiny delft ring really cute,

1940's era travel gift Cuban wood pin

Reproduction cameo pieces and 1970s era pin/pendent tiger pin.  Http://

Jelly Belly Spider Pin, starfish pin, vintage clip earrings

1960s Parrot pin

Silver claddaugh friendship ring


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