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How US media tries to destroy Hillary Clinton for 2016

During this blog post I am wearing my political hat and stating my personal opinion on how the media is destroying Hillary Clinton's potential run for President in 2016. 

The public has been told over and over again about the liberal elite bias media towards favorable coverage of Democrats in general; when it is not true.  The actual bias is on the Conservative media which has control of the Talk radio genre which has greatly influenced the American public in politics and in tone of how politicians should talk and act towards each other. The tone is nasty, non compromising, attacking Democratic politicians as being bad, evil against America; you know all of the wasteland of thoughts perpetuated by fear and ignorance since the election of a black President. 

Hillary Clinton will more likely run for the Presidency for 2016, but there is still a lot of time for her to announce her candidacy.

The media keeps asking, pushing her into answering this question even since she is not ready to formally announce her plans to run.

Since she wrote a book and went on the book tour, the media has taken it upon themselves to state that they will treat Hillary Clinton as if she were an unannounced candidate for the presidency in 2016.  So everything she does from this time on, is being scrutinized and analyzed even when she has not declared that she will run in 2016.  Hillary Clinton is already being singled out, treated differently by the media who is anxious to start to tear her apart. 

The audience can see the obvious attempts of the media to destroy her already by the thought of  taking it upon themselves to assume that she will run; why not wait until she formally declares her intention?  What's the rush?  Why hasn't the media been questioning Chris Christie or any other republican candidate about their intentions to run for the presidency in 2016 as consistently as they have done with Hillary Clinton?

The answer is that the media gives these GOP Conservative potential candidates a pass but continue to pressure and not accept a non answer from Hillary Clinton.  The media wants her to declare her candidacy so that they can start to tear down  by taking every little thing she says and taking the comments out of context.  An example was the Diane Sawyer interview where Hillary was asked about relating to the middle class and their struggles, and Hillary answered that she and Bill Clinton knew about the struggles of the middle class and that when "they left the White House they were dead broke".  The media immediately pounced stating that Hillary Clinton said she was dead broke when she had these high speech fees and that the Clintons were worth 100 million dollars. The media immediately started asking, Can she really relate to the poor and the middle class?  Hillary is out of touch with the public.  Notice that she hasn't declared her potential run for President, yet her first interview they started to attack.  Everyone with a brain knew what she said was true, in her interview she said when they left the White House they were dead broke, that's true.  The Republicans in Congress had many hearings and scandals suing  President Clinton accusing him of many crimes such as White water, travel gate, the supposed cover up of the murder of Vince Foster, a white House aide who committed suicide.  The Clintons were accused of a lot of awful things that caused them to hire expensive lawyers to defend themselves during these hearings.   The Clintons spent millions on lawyers and fighting bogus charges.  The GOP continued their strategy of personal destruction as they are doing currently with President Obama; this time they did manage to uncover the Monica Lewinsky affair which led to Clinton's impeachment in the House but not the Senate because it did not meet the standards of high crimes and misdemeanors for impeachment. President Clinton was disbarred from the legal profession at this time during the scandal.

Hillary Clinton was correct when she said that when they left the White House they were broke, it took time for Bill Clinton and Hillary to make money on the speech circuit and to get out of debt.  Average Americans understand that what she said was true, it was the media trying to make hay out of a comment and take it out of context into feeding their narrative about she is out of touch. 

Americans can tell by how relatable a candidate is by the way they express themselves, the clarity of their policies.  The reason why Romney lost the 2012 election was that he did not have the relatable personality to make Americans believe that he would represent all segments of US society.  The 47% video tape solidified that image of rich, elite, disdain of the poor,aloof separated from ordinary Americans.

Most Americans including Republicans and Democrats know that all Presidential candidates are millionaires or of high income status.  Politics are controlled by big money donors, super pacs,

and millionaires that have Senate and House positions to further their personal wealth by changing policies that benefit corporations or the wealthy.   Talk about helping themselves; that is the only reason why a wealthy person would enter politics and it is currently being demonstrated in the house.  The GOP has engaged in the politics of personal destruction of Democratic Presidents, they have engaged in bogging down the Presidency with fake scandals, and have engaged in obstruction to the point of reckless and sabotage of  the US economy.  The GOP did the same to President Clinton in the 1990s.  The Democrats have not engaged in the politics of personal destruction, in fact when Bush was handed the Presidency by GOP Supreme Court, the Democrats worked with Bush despite bitter disagreements.  The Democrats passed the first stimulus under Bush even when his own GOP Party refused to support him in 2008. 

The American public has short memories and short attention spans; this is what the GOP depends upon to win elections.  The aloofness of the American public and the disengagement has allowed the GOP House to bank on Americans not paying attention to local races that determine the placement of  representatives in Congress.

Another media attack on Hillary Clinton was another interview where she got defensive with an NPR reporter who tried to bait Hillary in to saying the she changed her position on gay marriage for political reasons, when Hillary fully explained that she changed her position just as others had because over time she admitted that her anti gay marriage position was wrong.  This reporter wanted Hillary to say that she changed her position for political reasons and Hillary was defensive and countered back stating that the reporter was trying to get her to say something that was incorrect.

Another media attack came on another radio interview show where Hillary stated that she works hard as many Americans do and knows their struggles.  The media immediately stated that Hillary could not possibly know what the average middle class goes through when she makes 200,000 fee for a speech.  Again, the argument she is out of touch, she is aloof.  Many colleges started to demand that places where Hillary would speak that she not charge a fee for speaking engagement. 

Why should Hillary Clinton work for free when she is a prominent person in politics and she is taking valuable time out of her busy schedule to engage in these speaking engagements.  No one demands that of Sarah Palin or of other Republicans that charge for their speaking engagements. 

The media is bent on destroying Hillary Clinton's opportunity to run for the presidency in 2016.   The media is not liberal leaning it is a talking point of conservative media to hide the true landscape of  media today.  

There have been many media talking heads predicting the win of the Senate for 2014 for the Republicans; despite their dismal approval rating and their current status of being the least productive and worst Congress in the history of all Congress. 

The media is influencing the election of 2014 by telling the American public that the Republicans will win the Senate in 2014 because that Democrats don't vote in Congressional elections.  During the second term of the Clinton presidency, the GOP engaged in obstruction, personal destruction tactics, obstruction and finally impeachment.  The GOP over reached and caused an incredible backlash of the American public by causing the Congressional elections to become nationalized.  People came out in droves to vote Republicans out of office; the GOP is in danger of this happening in 2014, especially if Congress goes on vacation and does not pass the VA reform bill or the Border aid package. 

MSNBC and NBC does tend to have some hosts that have liberal leanings such as Rachel Maddow; but the difference between Fox news and MSNBC is that both have political points of views, but Rachel Maddow covers factual news events not covered by traditional media.  She reports the events with her wit and sarcasm but with actual research and articles.  As for Fox news that deals with rhetoric, opinions, misinformation, distortions of Obama care law.  There is a big difference in the news coverage of Democratic policies at both of these news networks.  CNN claims to be impartial but with shows like Real politics with John King; talking heads that are very critical of the Obama administration; Gloria Borgia, and many other hosts that often question Obama's leadership skills.  

MSNBC and NBC has many hosts that have been extremely bias and critical of Obama's administration questioning his leadership, to accusing him of lying to the American public during Obama care problems with grandfathered policies.  

Chuck Todd is one example during an interview with President Obama asked an insulting question questioning president Obama's character and honesty.  He asked the President why should Americans believe you?  The President laughed it off but I am sure that questioning his character let Obama show a lot of restraint during that interview.   David Gregory from Meet the Press, also has bias coverage when he has a panel of mostly Republican media representatives such as the Washington post; usually the panel is like three Conservatives to one Liberal on these panels.  Some of the examples included last week's show where all of the hosts were stating that President Obama was a sleep at the switch, the exact words of one of the panelists.  Andrea Mitchell stated that Obama playing pool seemed to be terrible when he didn't visit the border.

Chuck Todd a regular on the panel always had negative analysis about President Obama and pointed out that the Democrats were exploiting the Hobby Lobby decision to get woman voters. 

Jonathon Carl of ABC News often delivers the unflattering depiction of the Obama administration  during the Obama care website issues and the HMO's cancelling bad insurance policies that did not qualify under the standards of Obama care. 

There are so many more examples of people in the media from the MSNBC and NBC network that have been critical of President Obama; in addition to the bias coverage of Fox News, and the constant brainwashing conservative controlled talk radio.

In summary, all media should be measured by the accuracy of their reporting and not the opinions of  conservative media.  Hillary Clinton is being targeted by media, the public should more skeptical of the news coverage and seek to find unbiased coverage by visiting government statistical data sites such as the CBO, the senate and congressional websites to find which representatives are voting or doing nothing in their office.  

Americans need to become more aware of how the media is engaged in promoting one political party over the other in their biased coverage.

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