Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recycle linen blind slats into a fullsize head board cover

how to create a linen blind headboard cover

I made a headboard cover from clean linen vertical blind slats. These blind slats were from windows that were sill length. These blind slats are being used directly over the old wooden head board to create a beautiful contemporary cover.

The items needed are the following;

A stapler, and used old vertical linen fabric blind slats. The size of the blind slats used in this project was from a 57 inches x 63 inch length window. These linen vertical blind slats were folded; about twenty were used for a full size head board. The first step is to prepare the vertical blinds, the ends of both blind slats have metal pieces that have to be removed. The only object remaining should be the linen blinds; take one end of one blind and staple the two ends together to make a long length blind. Create eight long blinds for the horizontal length of rectangular head board

The first long blind piece should be placed around the head board with the two ends meeting , staple the two ends of the blind together behind the headboard. The second long blind should be placed around the head board directly under the first blind and the two ends should be stapled together horizontally.

The next step is to take another blind and place it vertically over the head board creating a basket weave by placing one end of the blind in between the two horizontal blind slats, continue to weave the remaining length and secure with safety pins. Continue to add a blind slat next to the first vertical slat and weave the blind in between the two and continue the fill the top of head board. There should be 16 linen blind slats vertically and two long blind slats horizontally. once all blind slats are secured and tight; staple them securely

The next step is to take a long blind slat and create a horizontal third row and to weave it into the vertical slats than secure it with a safety pin. Continue to do the same with the last row; there should be four rows.

This headboard cover is designed to be temporary; it is a contemporary way to reuse linen vertical blinds in a creative inventive way awhile covering an old wood head board that has seen better days.


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