Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The importance of voting in November 2014

This November 2014 is an important mid term election because it will determine who will hold the Senate and Congress. There is a strong possibility of Conservatives winning both houses, it is more than likely that President Obama will be impeached on a trumped up charge.  The media has been dictating to its viewers that the polls are against the Democrats because most of the seats up for election are in red states.  The constant messaging of the media telling viewers that Democrats are going to lose is driving down the Democratic candidates in recent polls, who were once ahead in the polls.

Many voters think that voting in the presidential elections are enough; American voters don't realize that the President does not have sole power in legislating.  Congress and the Senate share power with the President creating a checks and balance system to make sure no one branch of government becomes too powerful. 
Voters that are engaged in politics vote during the mid terms, because they know that they can nullify the presidential election results. 
The Tea Party has been very successful in achieving power in Congress because of their few loud vocal extremist voices in Conservative GOP party.  This small extreme group of the Republican Party has taken over the GOP; by controlling once moderate conservatives creating extreme policies on social issues.  
Americans must vote in ALL elections it is important, because if the voters don't support their candidates by voting in each election; the opposing side will win.  The voters allow the few most vocal to decide the national agenda for the nation.  Americans want common sense reforms that create jobs, fixes immigration, reforms the tax code, and fixes US infrastructure.  All elections have consequences; to vote in the Presidential elections and to not vote in the mid terms makes no sense. 
The mid terms nullify the Presidential election results if the opposition comes out to vote in higher numbers.  The South has to examine and decide what is more important hating Obama or holding your local politicians accountable. The lack of legislation during the past four years that the GOP led house has control of Congress; absolutely nothing has been passed.   Do we need more government shutdowns. Do we need  more  of Ted Cruz reading green eggs and ham making a mockery and laughing stock of a dysfunctional Congress for the whole world .  

Americans must vote in 2014 and make their voices heard regardless of what party you belong too.  It is very important for America to hold their politicians accountable for their actions or inactions.

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