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Why does the religion of Islam attract evil people who commit Terrorism

This title is long and I was wording the title as to not to offend or provoke anti Islam rhetoric, but as an observer and a person who doesn't desire any evil intent towards any one. I wonder and ask myself, why is it that people that like to kill, rape, and torture use the religion of Islam to commit Terrorism. With the recent, growth of ISIS and the horrible beheadings of the two innocent American journalists, Foley and Solklof; Americans woke up to another evil Terrorist group using Islam as the inspiration to create an Islamic state. A Qaida has broken up into different groups like Al Nusrah Front, the Taliban and Al Shabaab, Ansar al Shari'a, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah just to name a few. These groups get destroyed and then pop up again; after they break up into independent groups with more funding from their wealthy sponsors.

Why is Islam attracting so much distortion of their religion by extremists? This question is important for Americans and the West to understand because if we don't, we will find our selves fighting Islamic extremists forever. As one group is dismantled another rises with disgruntled violent youth attracted to their brand of distorted Islam. Many American prisoners in jail join the religion of Islam; there is a strong conversion rate of inmates joining this religion.

There is a reason that no one wants to discuss the Islamic radicalism issue because of being afraid of being labeled as racist or Islamaphobic. There has been no terror groups that have used Christianity, Judaism, Confucianism, or other religion as an Inspiration to violence and Terrorism. Extremists are being taught intolerance of all western culture and religions, not only by online radicalism, but by many of our Muslim Arab allies in the Middle east.

Our supposed allies in the Middle east, countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan; these countries have strict Islamic conservative moral laws. There are countries such as Iraq which has had centuries of religious in fighting between Shiite and Sunni Muslims that were controlled under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. The US went to war in Iraq and toppled Hussein, it left a Shi'ite leader that appeared to be an ally of the US, with Maliki; but this leader quickly turned to Iran as an ally. Maliki decided to start the old hostilities of the two religious sects fighting for power and persecuting Sunni Muslims. Many of these Sunni's joined ISIS and now we see the current mess in Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia has many of the wealthiest Muslim Arabs in the region, many of these wealthy citizens contribute to terror networks like ISIS, and A Qaida. In addition, many of these nations in the middle east are intolerant of western religions. Westerners can not enter Mecca; and many school aged boys are taught in madrasas that teach them to memorize the Koran in addition to hate any non believers of Islam; in addition to anti-western idea logy. The Saudis practice Wahhabism, very strict conservative form of Islam with strict morality police to enforce strict Shari'a law. Men and woman are lashed for breaking moral laws and are beheaded for crimes. There is the lack of human rights and physical torture and punishment in these societies. As in many of these Middle eastern nations that chose to live in the 13th century when it comes to their laws, disregarding human rights. Qatar is an ally of the US, but they allow the Taliban to hold an office in their country as if this terror network is a business entity; the Qataris have provided funding to terror networks in the region and have a lot of influence among terrorists groups; as proven in recent Gaza and Israeli peace negotiations. Pakistan's military was hiding and protecting Osama Bin Laden; when the Americans secretly went into Pakistan and killed him. Egypt, ironically our closet ally in the region had most of the 911 hijackers come from their country; and recently sentenced many journalists to years in jail for aiding Terrorism for reporting the news. Turkey is becoming a pro-Islamist regime with recent Prime Minister stating that woman should not laugh in public; passing restrictive Islamist conservative laws despite recent corruption uncovered by local media. Bahrain is a country that enjoys many western investors and tourist dollars and has decided to declare Shari'a law for his country men and for any western tourist that violates those moral laws. Despite these countries expanding terror networks by spreading anti western hatred and extreme ideology; and providing funding for these terror organizations to flourish. By the same breath, these nations claim to be our allies by allowing us to have our military bases near to fight extremists that they themselves aid and create.

Why is it that America has to fight these Muslim countries conflicts when they won't fight for themselves, they just lie back and watch us provide all of the funding and blood of American soldiers to fight the extremists they create. As in the recent case of Iraq, these soldiers were trained, they had the huge numbers of soldiers, along with the best American weapons. The first sign of actual fighting these men decided to give themselves up or run away allowing ISIS to get their hands on American weapons. If Iraqis won't fight for themselves, Americans should not be placed in harm's way for a country with a short memory span and no appetite to protect their own country.

American policy has to seriously address the hypocrisy of our allies in this region; if not addressed Islamic extremist Terrorism will continue to grow as there is a constant war of religious distorted ideology. ISIS wants to create a caliphate with their vision of extremist Islam; many of their victims are fellow Muslims so why would they kill their own people? I could never understand how any religion can be used for the purposes of killing innocence in the name of it. It is a contradiction of how evil people will use false arguments to attract gullible, monstrous evil youth from around the world to join their cause, as in ISIS.

America has to change its policy in the Middle east; US diplomats instead of ignoring our allies role in funding and fostering Terrorism. The US needs to address the issue with these nations and convince them that they should stop allowing their wealthy citizens from funding these terror groups such as ISIS because this group is only one of many with global ambition of taking land and countries as part of their caliphate. These nations are in danger of being annexed next even if they do aid these terror networks; there are no loyalties in alliances just greed and ambition as any dictator aspires too. To the citizens of countries that aid ISIS be careful what you wish for, you just might get it in spades. 

Middle eastern countries that do not comply with cutting funding to terror groups in the region should have their US aid cut; in addition have state department alerts to traveler's and American businesses about the relationships of Terrorism by these nations contributing to these Terrorist groups.   The lack of tourist and investment dollars from America and western European countries should affect their economies significantly, to change their support to these terror groups.   The old adage Money talks; most of the western countries provide tourist dollars to places like Egypt and Bahrain.

Americans are afraid of what has been seen by this evil ISIS group but what is surprising is the amount of westerners joining this group. Many young woman and men being duped into joining ISIS, when they get there a whole different reality sets in for them. There are many young men that embrace the violence and have even died for this cause; as the young Florida man, who became a suicide bomber.

Congress has to step up and create laws addressing Americans leaving American soil to commit acts of terror here and abroad. Extreme penalties should be in place for these people committing these acts of terror or planning to join an Islamic terror group that includes decades in prison. The death penalty for the death of innocent victims being killed during their affiliation with terror group; and other measures to stop Americans from travelling abroad to join terror organizations.

Western countries have to work with western Muslim Imams to create effective messaging against Islamic extremist ideology on social media globally.  Countries need to block and flag extremist jihadist social media pages, sites and blogs to stop online radicalism which is a threat to the world. This will be a war of messages and a fight of good against evil in the world.

The world has to know that Islamic terror groups are killing more Muslims than westerners, so what is the point of accusing the west of killing Muslims around the globe. As these very same terror groups are the ones truly killing their own people in the name of Islam. When President Obama spoke to the nation about ISIS and about this organization not being an Islamic organization; many pundits criticized the comment since it is seen as denying how Islam is being used by terrorists. The message by the President was not only for the US audience but for the international community watching; President Obama is forming a coalition to include Muslim Middle eastern nations and the West to fight against ISIS. By addressing the nation, President Obama did not want to blame the religion of Islam or Muslims to begin forming the coalition needed to fight this global threat. These Muslim nations will have to make a choice of truly joining the coalition that will protect their own interests in the long term; or continue to aid ISIS watch the caliphate grow and annex their territory.




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