Thursday, February 1, 2018

Suicide rate in Puerto Rico jumps

Suicide rate in Puerto Rico jumps since Maria

Hurricane Maria has not only brought economic and physical destruction, but it has also taken a toll on the people of Puerto Rico emotionally and mentally. 

The suicide rate has jumped in Puerto Rico from 2 to 70 in the past four months since Hurricane Maria. 

The people who have lost everything including their jobs find themselves in a helpless situation with no positive means of getting out of an economic crisis. Congress has not approved the aid promised to Puerto Rico only a 400 million dollar loan was offered to the island to add to the debt they already have. 

There is a good percentage of people without light and in some cases without water.   The debris has still not been collected in some rural and urban areas.  It is a dangerous situation with live power lines still on the ground.  According to Wapa news, some cows on a farm were electrocuted causing a loss to the farmer. 

As long as the island continues in this condition there may be a continuous loss of life by suicide in Puerto Rico if there is no intervention.

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