Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why Parkland different

Parkland is another shooting that will be a statistic and forgotten or will it?  How many of these shootings can keep happening before Americans say enough already.  Have we become so numb to these shootings that we have just stopped caring because it happened over there and not over here.   When those 26 kids in Connecticut were gunned down I thought this will change but I was wrong.  The NRA won out again pretending they wanted to partake in some laws that would limit the mentally ill from getting guns.  The bill died in Congress because the NRA threatened some lack of funding for their campaigns. 
Congress and the Senate and many local legislatures have continued to be supported by the NRA.  There is no incentive to change the way things are done because of the greed of the NRA wanting to sell guns to everyone from the cartels, to the mentally ill to children, there are no limits.   
We are becoming so divided in our politics that we allow innocent people being gunned down due to inaction.  We the people have given away our power and our rights to live in the pursuit of happiness liberty and justice for all because of our affiliations with political parties.    
We as Americans need to examine ourselves and decide if we want real change or if we just are going to continue to lie down and take all of the crap our politicians are allowing these shootings 
to continue.

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