Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus shuts down America and the world

I never thought in my lifetime I would see a pandemic like a coronavirus or COVID 19.  People are afraid awhile some are not taking this situation seriously with kids on spring break on Florida beaches. This disease is so deadly and so contagious that doctors are still learning about this disease.  Meanwhile, America and the whole world have shutdown causing loss of jobs and slowdown of the economy.

I hope that Americans take this seriously and that practicing social distancing will curb the spread of COVID 19.  The fear of this spreading and causing death like the 1918 influenza pandemic is scary. 

The US economy is taking a hit so the government said they will send direct payments to Americans.

Many ideas are being floated around to help businesses keep afloat.  There have to be multiple ideas because COVID 19 can last for months since it's so contagious until a vaccine is found.

One idea is to test everyone to see who has it and who can be isolated until they are better.  America would have to produce millions of tests. 

After the two weeks if COVID 19 stops spreading companies can reopen taking the same measures such as closing early to clean and disinfect areas on site.  They need to practice social distancing until a vaccine is found.

COVID 19 can still spread even after the initial curbing of the disease succeeds.  This is the first time America has shut down completely.  We are Americans and we will get thru this like we have gotten thru other situations.  This is a time to help each other help our neighbors get through this pandemic.

We will get thru this because we are America.


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