Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Our nation shall rise from a great divide


  • Our Nation is divided

For so far it is blighted

With our differences so stark

Pure motives are too dark

We fail to reach consensus

As politics have lost their senses

News media have chosen sides

Contributing to a farther divide

Fake news created every day

Facts no longer the only way

Alternate news has created a strong base

Many without a moral compass or space

How can they not know what is true

Have we all got dumber with the news?

Some want to hear news they agree with

They claim that they don’t believe in any wordsmith

The pandemic has made it worse

Combined and brought together under this curse

The past two years have been bad

Seeing our World has become sad

Our Country has been tried

As Some Politicians have lied.

Our Country is our strong hope

We are riding a slippery slope

Amanda Gorman spoke in rhyme

As she read the Hill We Must Climb

She spoke of obstacles and slopes

Most importantly of our many hopes.

We must come together now

Or lose ourselves forever shall

If Americans don’t participate

Anger and ruin will prevail in hate

We as a country must go through tribulation

As we come together as a Nation.

We shall rise like a phoenix

As we reach our zenith

The words that surprise

Our Nation shall rise.

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