Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How to decorate with faux flowers from the thrift?

 Thrift stores are a great place to find beautiful quality faux flowers. A lot of people donate silk flowers and faux flowers when they change their decor. Many dollar store flowers look really fake and are not good quality. At the thrift you never know what you will find but I Divine Providence, they have a section of faux flowers. I found an amazing faux floral arrangement in it's glass vase for $2. I went to HomeGoods and found similar arrangement for $20. I saved $18 on the arrangement and it looks real. At Lowe’s there was a 20in cream artificial silk Arrangement flowers that costs 82.99 dollars. Silk flowers are more expensive than real flowers. At petals.com they sell calla lily, tulip and Lily silk flowers for $189 as a group. Here is the floral arrangement I found a Divine Providence.

 I like to use faux flowers inside and outside the house. I have some faux flowers on the wall on my front porch. The birds love it too, I have to make sure they don't make a nest inside the wall planter. I found it for a dollar each. Here is the floral arrangement I have outside my front porch wall.

 I have another floral arrangement on an end table next to my living room lamp. I like a vibrant blue navy rose along with red Holly leaves against a bright white table. I found it at the same thrift and I paid only a dollar for it. Here is the floral arrangement I have on my end table.

 Some tips to find folks flowers in the thrift to decorate our;

 1. Look for faux flowers in the Thrift in the garden section it usually is with pots or gardening items. 

2. Once you find the faux flowers examine the condition of the flowers. Ask yourself if they look real or or to Fake? Are they in good condition?

3. If there are a lot of faux flowers try combining flowers to make a floral arrangement.

4. Look for florals that include the vases.  

5. Before shopping look at floral arrangements to get an idea of what florals you want to get at the thrift.

 A flower arrangement can make a lonely table find life. The way you position a floor arrangement can make a room depending on its size. The use of all flowers brings life to a room. A benefit to having full flowers is that you don't have to water these faux plants. There's minimal care for them and they never die.

 In summary, for flowers at the thrift can be a beautiful decorating element in a room. Depending upon the condition and the quality of the floor arrangement. You can find amazing deals at the thrift and you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements.

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