Sunday, January 23, 2022

How to decorate your bathroom with thrift finds

 The first thing you should do when shopping for items to decorate your bathroom is to scan the bathroom and make a list of items to purchase.

 Some great items to decorate a bathroom include: 

 1    bathroom signs

 2    small succulent plants

 3    dish soap holders

 4    baskets

 5    small mirrors

 6    vanity trays

 7    shelves

 8    toothbrush holders

 9    towel holders

 10  small jars

 1. bathroom signs are a quirky way to decorate a bathroom or even bathroom art can be found at the thrift store, for a few cents.


2. small succulent plants will look nice on a bathroom shelf and bring life into a small space.

 3 dish soap holders can be fun and great to create and to add to a bathroom decor because they come in so many shapes and Designs. An example I found a dish soap holder design shaped like a small vintage bathtub.

 4. baskets are great items to add to the bathroom because they are great to store washcloths, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

5. small mirrors make the space look bigger in a small bath. Especially if you add it to the side of a bigger mirror. Allows the person to see all angles on oneself for grooming.

 6 vanity trays are a great way to add items that may look awkward or alone on the Vanity. Vanity trays bring organization to the bathroom vanity.

 7 shelves are easy to install and add more storage to a small bath space. You can add baskets and plants on shelves.

8 toothbrush holders are a great find at the thrift whether you find wall-mounted or free-standing toothbrush holders. You will find Unique Designs at the thrift.

 9. Towel holders are great to find at the thrift store whether they are wall-mounted or some free-standing to place on the vanity. They are great finds to add to a bathroom.

10. small jars are great to store Q-tips, cotton balls on any other bathroom items. Depending upon their size you can store a lot of the items on the vanity.

 If your bathroom is dated you might consider upgrading the tiles by painting the walls in the bathroom it will complement the tile instead of making it look dated. And a few of these items to a small bathroom and you will add instant decor to any bathroom. You will update an old bath and bring it to life by adding a few of your thrift finds. There are some ideas I have photographed from my own bath.

 In summary, if you want to update or upgrade a bathroom with a small budget the thrift finds is the best option. Look for items that are listed in the above article to upgrade your items in your bathroom. 

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