Saturday, January 22, 2022

How to display your thrift store finds around the home


Often, when we pick up something we like from the thrift store.

We will evaluate what use we wanted it for. Sometimes, we want

something displayed or add to a collection. How do you display your

items if you don't have a curio or hutch?


If you have a collection, group them altogether if you have a wall unit or display shelf. You can find the Shelf at a thrift store. It's cheaper than

getting a cabinet or a china hutch. An example if you have a collection of Snowbabies, is to try to place them on a secure wall shelf. Or if you

already have a china cabinet. Place item under glass in the cabinet.


If you have vintage folk-art tole wood boxes you can place them on

the coffee table they are great for remote storage. The folk art piece brings a

French country feels to your home decor, especially if the boxes are
distressed. Place it on a coffee table with an old basket to hold magazines,
with a candle Snuffer to Snuff off candles when in use. You will have a nice
vignette on the coffee table to display these vintage items.

 If you have end tables please quirky sculptures you might have found
at the thrift. A lot of the sculptures are of thin metal and are of a unique
design. Place your find on the end table it will make a bare table come to
life with a unique piece of art. If you have unique one-of-a-kind art, then
hang them on the wall. Depending upon the style and the subject matter
vintage art can be a one-of-a-kind unique expression of one’s taste.

My home is an expression of me. I have art on every piece of wall in this

home. It is unique and different even in the display.

 The book should be displayed in bookcases, they look orderly when

placed on shelves. Some people place uniform book covers so they are all the
same color,


Costume jewelry should be placed in jewelry boxes if you want to display
them. It should be placed in hanging jewelry-clear bags. So you can pull it
out too easy to find or to show people.

 Hats should be placed on a hook inside the closet or over the door.

 Collections of any type should be displayed and seen, not hiding away.

I have an example of my seashell box collection I pick them up at
the thrift often.

 In summary, if you have a collection and you want to display it there
are many locations within the home it can be displayed. They may be unique
spots to place them but it will work out great depending on the
display. Don't be afraid to display your favorite places in odd locations

around the home. If you don't have a lot of shelves or any display cabinets.

Be original in your display and experiment in your own home to

find the right combination of items for display.

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