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How to go shopping thrift for different holidays?

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 How to go shopping at Thrift for different holidays?

 Shopping Thrift all year round helps to find unique items that may no longer be found in retail shops. Unique items can be found for different holidays and Seasons. Some items are donated in original boxes or  with tags still on them. Although it may be harder to find these items they can be found. An example would be finding Christmas dishes and Decor at the thrift shop. Divine Providence has a section dedicated to Christmas decor and wares all year round. In this section figurines,ornaments, Christmas dishes, and Christmas bags can be found. Vintage ornaments are popular for Shoppers to find and collect. Vintage snow globes are popular to collect as well. 

 Some thrift shops offer different sections in shops for different seasonal decor or they have a dedicated section. For popular Easter, Valentine's, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decor. Most thrift stores have these items out all year round but some thrifts place items out as featured items when the holiday approaches. Look for Easter items when holiday approaches in April search for bunny figurines or ceramic Easter eggs. Nice baskets to create gift baskets or Easter tin canisters for decor. For Valentine's Day search for plushies or teddy bears, or Valentine mugs with sentimental love messages on them. For Saint Patrick's Day shop for the color green such as green Tiki glasses or Irish Cream mugs. You can shop St Patrick's decor items like door wreaths or decor  with clovers and Shamrocks. There are a few examples of what can be found thrifting. There's so much variety and maybe it's hard to choose.


The way on how to go shopping Thrift for different holidays is to First make a list of items you need or want.

 Determine for what purpose you need these items, is it simply to decorate or are you hosting or themed holiday party.

 Determine if these items are in good condition as to give to a person if that is your intent. For example, I know a friend who shops at thrifts to find gifts for Christmas during the year.

 Set a budget as to how much you want to spend on these items.

 By these items during the off season to save money on them. Check the item too early to make sure that it is not damaged or can be reused again.


In summary, learning to how to go shopping Thrift for different holidays takes planning. Finding unique items for that holiday Decor or even for gifting purposes can be a challenge. If you shop Thrift often you will find what you are searching for at a low-cost.

By Anna Cruz 


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