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How to Save Money by Shopping Thrift IN HWY 200 Corridor in Ocala Florida


How to save money by shopping Thrift in Ocala

 How to save money by shopping thrift includes saving money by setting a budget to shop Thrift. Depending upon your budget set you can shop for both quality and a large number of items at thrift stores. Shopping Thrift you can set up a small budget of 20 to $100 and find items for example clothing, housewares, and furniture.  Three of the most sort after items at thrift stores.

 Shop items at thrift stores.

 Some items found at thrift stores include furniture if you have a small budget you can find a couch for as low as $40 and a table for 10 dollars. Appliances can cost more at thrift stores but you find good deals. I personally found a deal on a  Whirlpool range, microwave, and dishwasher all for $295 at a Helping Hand thrift consignment shop. All in good shape and in a black color that matched with my stainless steel refrigerator. I bought it in 2017 and it continues to work well. Some of my favorite thrift stores include Divine Providence in Ocala Florida. I like to shop for clothing, houseware, and books. At this thrift shop, you can find clothing starting at $0.05 and up to $3 in the boutique part of the shop. 

You can find small appliance items, such as George Foreman grills, coffee machines, food processors, and blenders. Divine Providence has an electrical outlet so items can be tested. If you go into Helping Hands Across from Divine Providence you will find clothing starting at $4 dollars to $10 name brand clothing for example Chicos, Talbert's, Ann Taylor Loft, and Vera Wang, White House Black House. Just to name a few brands. Helping Hands sells higher-end thrift store finds including furniture and ceramic figurines. 

Another thrift store nearby Highway 200 is Habitat for Humanity they sell a lot of furniture and Architectural Salvage items such as bathroom sinks, fixtures, tile, flooring, doors, lamps, and appliances just to name a few. 

You can find great deals in the final thrift store located in Steeplechase Plaza in Ocala at the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store. This store sells a lot of furniture, appliances, books, and houseware.  It's one of my favorite thrift stores to find clothing starting at $4 and leather jackets for $20, Jewelry is at $2 for brooches, earrings, and $3 for necklaces. Books are .25 cents for softcover books and $0.50 for hardcover books.  The store has a toy section full of plushies and board games, a lot of figurines and housewares are sold at Sheriff's thrift stores. I found a copper dish and a Turkish brass pot. I found a cast-iron Cow doorstop for a dollar which I sold for $33 on eBay. I found Christmas nutcrackers for $1 each and I sold it for $30 as a set.  Some items I keep but some items I resell on eBay.  I have found amazing finds at these four neighborhood thrifts.  

In summary, If you are in the HWY 200 corridor of  Ocala Florida and you want to go thrift shopping in the area don’t miss these four places.  You will probably find amazing deals and find that vintage treasure

you are searching for.   

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