Monday, January 24, 2022

How to save more money shopping at thrift stores.


Thrift shopping is the best way to save money shopping. There are even more ways to save at the thrift store despite all the regular savings. Thrift stores often have sales to get rid of excess inventory. 

They will list it on a sign or whiteboard, and list which items are on sale. An example they may list 50% off the books, dishes, or whichever category they decide to place on special. These sales are announced daily on whiteboards and signs. This is a great way to save on Thrift items at the store. 

Besides announced sales, Some stores offer discounts by offering a Rewards program. 

An example would be at the sheriff's Ranch after a certain number of purchases of $10 or more. They will give you a $5 discount. You have to tell them your phone number and they will find you in their system if you have shopped there before.. 

Some thrift shops will offer percentage discounts off the item, for example, they may offer 60% off lamps or Furniture. Helping hands has an amazing deal sometimes. About two weeks ago they have 60% off items in their shop except for items marked one dollar and under. 

In summary, many thrift stores may or may not offer these specials. Depending upon the thrift store. I know that the thrift store I visit often offer one of these three discounts within their store. Making thrift shopping a more affordable and cheaper way to purchase items. Thrift stores are the best way to save doing these inflationary times.

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