Sunday, January 2, 2022

Snow babies history oh great snow babies

 Snow babies were created by Hertwig and company Thuningia in 1864 according to . Snow babies were made out of candy and kept as Christmas decorations because they were cute children in white snow suits.  As the years went by many companies made bisque models of snow babies since people were keeping as collectibles.  

The narrative as to how the snow babies got their name was due to admiral perry .Admiral Perry was on expedition to find the north pole with captain Cook and he brought his pregnant wife who had her baby in the north pole.  The Eskimos and natives had never seen a Caucasian baby in that white climate so the baby was known as a snow baby.  Hence the figurines got the name snow babies because of children in white suits.   Many German companies made snow babies before WW I and made them different sizes.  

The snow babies made after WWI were made by many Japanese manufacturers.  In a catalog dated in 1914 these figurines were referred to as Alaskan tots and the cost was 90 cents for a dozen.  

It is amazing how much the snow babies cost back then when you compare it to this time how much they cost.  The value of the snow babies can go from under 10 dollars to 100 dollars.

Snow babies were reintroduced by Kristi Jean Pierro for Department 56 in 1986.  She made them from bisque and glitter sand.  Snow babies instantly became collectibles again.  

I went to the Sheriffs thrift store and found two great snow babies.  I quickly added it to my online shop and it sold quickly.  

Snow babies trinket box

These are just adorable and now you know why they are so collectible.

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