Friday, January 7, 2022

Why media not covering new COVID-19 variant IHU?

 Why media is not covering the new French Covid 19 variant , IHU or B.1.640.? 

The media has not been covering the discovery of a new Covid 19 variant found in France.  The IHU or the B.1.640 latest variant has 46 mutations. The French are testing to see how effective the vaccines are for these 46 mutations.  The World Health Organization has not labeled the new strain as a variant of any concern. This variant is currently only in France. 

The media is not covering this latest variant because they may not want to scare the public.  Since the French only recently discovered this variant in September 2021.  There may be not much information about this new variant that the media believes doesn't warrant coverage.  The media's job is to report the news and not consider these reasons as to why not to cover new variant.  Could it be that governments are asking the media to not cover this new variant as to not alarm the public.

The media may not want to cover the latest variant because the American public will start to question the effectiveness of the vaccines.  If people start to question the effectiveness of the vaccines. They will ignore vaccine mandates or any new proposals for other vaccines. Americans have to remember that Covid 19 is a virus. There are no cures for viruses only treatment.  The vaccines are a tool, along with masks to prevent getting Covid 19. 

The media is not covering the recent New variant as to not discourage Americans from the emotional aspect in dealing with Covid 19, such as stress, anxiety and depression.  Imagine having to learn that Covid 19 is never ending as this new variant is discovered.  This information will negatively impact a person's mental health. The media is choosing to ignore this latest variant because they don't consider it newsworthy.  The media always gets to pick and choose the stories they cover that is why some story topics are ignored.  For example stories about poverty in America.  The media outlets pick what is newsworthy and what drives ratings. They fear that reporting about the latest variant would not be newsworthy enough to report on since Americans would tune out this news.  Americans that are tired of Covid 19 coverage would or might tune out the latest news on Covid 19 affecting their ratings.  

The media might be skeptical about latest Covid 19 variant. They might want to gather more facts before fully covering the latest variant from France.  

These could be some reasons as to why the media is ignoring the latest Covid 19 variant from France. One can hope that the news media will cover this story like other stories and not consider any reasons as to not cover it.  

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