Monday, January 17, 2022

Why Thrift Shopping is good for mental health?

Thrift shopping is good for mental health because there are so many benefits to shopping thrift. There is a Euphoria when you go through everything and find that amazing find. The happiness one feels when they find something unexpected or what they find if they have been looking for a specific object. It's thrilling and the feeling is an overall good feeling. Dopamine is released when you find an amazing deal at a thrift store. It is a mood enhancer released in the brain. If one suffers from depression or anxiety, this is a temporary way to enhance one's mood.

 Since Thrift shopping is good for the environment, it should make the customer feel good that they are doing their part to save the planet. The sustainability of thrifting makes us harbingers of Goodwill because we are trying to do our part to help the planet. According to EPA 84% of clothing go to landfills or incinerators. The average US citizen throws away between 70 to 81 lb of clothing and other textiles annually according to the Council of Textile Recycling. This clothing that is not used but is donated ends up being recycled textile. Transformed into Rags for Industrial Waste or ground into fiber to make insulation, carpet padding, or paper. Recycling those items reduce greenhouse gasses. Knowing that you are saving an item from a landfill should make you feel good.

 When you go thrifting, you are opening your senses up to different experiences. You are using most of your senses like touch, smell, hearing, and seeing to evaluate your Thrift finds. You are honing your senses to make it stronger when you shop thrift. When you feel a fabric or see it you feel the quality of it. Using your senses makes you happy because you use your senses to figure out the items. Even if you can't identify them right away. It leaves you guessing in some aspects. Therefore increasing the Intrigue and mystery. Therefore increasing your mood.

 Thrifting excites us because we save money during the adventure. We can save lots of money by not paying retail. Knowing that we will have incredible savings will make us really happy as we shop from one shop to another. We find amazingly good deals and we get excited over the find. Endorphins are released as we go shop to shop doing lots of walking and exercise as we hit these thrift stores. When you get some exercise, this chemical released increases your good mood.

 In summary, thrifting can be good for you and your mental health because of all of the above reasons. You are saving Items from a landfill, therefore, saving the planet. You are finding amazing deals, and you are saving money. 

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