Sunday, February 6, 2022

Some problems with thrift store items


 Although I love to thrift,  I have to admit these are some cons when you go to thrift especially when looking for items to resell. One of the cons of thrift store items is that once you bought the item you can't return it. It is bought as is if you purchase the item and don't realize it has a chip on it. You are stuck with the item because it's not good for resale. Your only option is to donate it so you don't become a hoarder.


Another con, is buyer's remorse after you buy it, you start to question did you really need that item? What would I use it for? If you begin to question what you will need it for then consider reselling it, to get rid of it. 

Another con, thrift items are generally outdated when it comes to appliances or furniture it may be unsafe. A study, conducted by the US consumer product safety Commission found that 69% of thrift store items visited had at least one hazardous product for sale. The commission found cribs that didn't meet safety standards, hairdressers without protection against electrocution, and car seats that have been recalled.


Some cons when shopping for clothing might be that since they are 

unlaundered there may be bed bugs or lice in clothing when brought home. These are some of the cons to shopping Thrift but if you are Mindful and  check out these items on a Google search first. It will stop you from buying something unsafe. As for clothing, examine it closely before purchasing make sure to wash as soon as you purchase a new clothing item from thrift stores.  

Thrift stores may have some cons to the items sold but in long-term most items at thrift stores are good items that can be bought at a fraction of retail cost. It is still relatively safe to shop the thrift.

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