Monday, October 10, 2011

Historic Bronx Buildings architecture

More Photos about the city, I love old architecture, the Bronx has a lot of old historical buildings, such as prewar era buildings, art deco era buildings and old Victorian brownstones.

There is a historic district known as Longfellow Avenue that has a series of old brownstone homes.  Many were neglected and in disrepair but the city has renovated these homes with private and public funding.  

There are other historic districts in the Bronx there is the Clay Avenue historic district with there beautiful brownstone.   
There is the grand concourse. Historic district which spans from 149th street to 204 th Street mostly parkway.  Many art deco buildings in architecture and design
There is the Riverdale historic district with many historic mansions.  

The city has restored a lot of the vacant abandoned burn down lots of the 1970's and have restored neighborhoods.   

My amateur photography skills are improving a bit; Here are some photos;

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