Monday, October 10, 2011

Things To Do In Ocala Florida

Ocala, Florida is a great small town with an urban vibe especially towards the downtown Ocala area.

This area is a mix of historic Victorian Homes and urban brick buildings structures.  

Ocala, Florida is known as the Horse capitol of the World with many horse farms.  The city is only two hours away from Orlando.  This city offers many ecological and outdoor activities along with big city amenities.  Ocala offers great shopping, great eateries and antique shopping. 

Ocala has a lot of scenic routes, Silver Springs waterway park, many parks and trails to bike and hike.  In addition, to having the newest science Museum for children, Appleton Museum, a drag racing museum and many other museums in town.  Take a carriage ride around local horse farms  or visit the downtown shopping district. There are other shopping districts around  the highway 200 corridor with Paddock Mall and the new Dillard's mall. 

Orlando visitors could take advantage of low hotel rates in local area hotels along the busy shopping and restaurant district.  If you don't mind the drive which is very nice and scenic, you can visit two towns instead of only one.

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