Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to make a no Sew pillow cover

How to make a no Sew pillow cover

Making a no sew pillow cover to make an old worn out decorative 16 inch pillow look new is easy. To make a no sew pillow all that is needed is fabric, scissors, an Iron, heat bonding tape, and fabric adhesive, and Velcro. 

Take a large fabric that should be cut into two pieces which are the size of the pillow and an additional two and a half inches on all four sides of the edges of the cut fabric. Take one inch on all four sides of the fabric and place heat bonding tape then fold it down to create seam. After this has been done on both pieces of fabric, place one fabric on top of the other right side up, cut heat bonding tape on only three sides of the fabric and attach both pieces with the heat bonding tape. Place old pillow inside to make sure it fits, then remove pillow. Take double fabric adhesive and add Velcro on both side of the opening of the pillow case. Press the outside top of the pillow with iron, place a paper in between the two Velcro and let it set for a day. Insert pillow, than close the pillow opening by closing the Velcro and than there is a new pillow cover created for the awful dingy old pillow that would have went to a landfill. Purchase enough fabric to create a pair of matching pillow covers. There are many online tutorials that teach how to make no sew pillows differently, even no sew blinds.

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