Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Money on Christmas decorating

Save Money on Christmas decorating

The best way to save money on outdoor Christmas decorating is to purchase Led solar lights to save on electricity bills. These solar lights are a bit more pricy but are well worth the savings long term, These lights can be used each year and use small solar panels with AA batteries or some need special batteries, which can be found easily on eBay. No electricity required, only the sun's rays during the day to charge the lights during the night time.

The second way to save money on Christmas decorating is to purchase items at thrift shops, estate sales, yard sales, eBay and flea markets. If purchasing from eBay purchase vintage lights, ornaments and decor only if items are shipped free. Christmas decorating can  become fun and interesting by treasure hunting vintage holiday finds at thrift stores and many other venues. Many vintage pieces are no longer made and are one of a kind pieces that are not easily found.

The third method to save on Christmas decorating is to wait for the day after Christmas and New Years Day to purchase heavily discounted Christmas decorating items during after Christmas sales. These new purchases can be used for the next Christmas holiday, by having these items already in the home it is will save time and money on decorating. The final method is to be creative and make your own Christmas decor such as using Christmas cards to decorate a doorway, door or mantle. Use existing trees to hang popcorn garlands and glass ornaments. These are a few ideas to find inexpensive ways to find Christmas decorative items.

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