Monday, November 11, 2013

Ways to save money by growing own produce

Ways to save money by growing groceries

Growing your own produce takes time, money and patience but is well worth it in money savings. In addition, knowing where your vegetables are grown and cultivated gives the consumer piece of mind on its safety standard during its growth process. Vegetables can be grown in planters and in planting beds, the best vegetables to grow are peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and okra which grow within a six to eight week time frame. Tomatoes need a lot of sunlight and are great in large planters. Cucumbers, peppers and okra can be grown in flower beds or large planters too. I scoop the seeds out of grocery vegetables purchased then prepare at home. I dry out the seeds and plant them within a few days in small planters and that is how I keep growing vegetables continuosly.

Red Habanero peppers great for salsa grown in my garden


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