Friday, December 29, 2017

I love color in my rooms no boring beige here

I love color

This is the norm at home, I hate bland beige walls which have no personality.  I prefer a splash of color everywhere so that there is no mistake people know  that they are in your home. 
 I painted my living room a carribean blue  which is just beautiful with the West elm green and tan drapes against it. 
I love how my furniture which is blue looks against the walls for a monochromatic look.  Most of the time I add my white slipcovers to create bold contrast against the walls.  

The living room  looks great. 

Some people would not have painted all walls the same color only an accent wall but it would have been hard to combine a secondary color to this really bold color.  The contrast would not have looked right, so I preferred the entire room.   Here are photos of my living room

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