Friday, December 29, 2017

Rearranging a Room for functionality or esthetics

Rearranging a room 

Sometimes a room can be decorated with both in mind, it an be rearranged 

to look beautiful and function well.  But there are times that furniture can be placed in an place in room because of the room layout itself.  There may be an awkward half wall dividing the room or not enough wall space to place furniture against it.  What do you do?

In the case of the half wall, if it is a simple wall with no electrical or plumbing, it should be removed to give you more space in the room for furniture placement.   Removing the half wall will instantly make room bigger.  

If your space mainly has windows and very minimal wall space,the best solution is too place furniture in L shape position towards the center of room.  This will make the space more intimate, casual and inviting.  Allow some space from window to sofa to place a console or allow people to walk behind sofa to look out widow and enjoy beautiful views.  Allow the  space to be focal point by adding a wall mounted TV or a fireplace. 

This method allows for both functionality and look great.  The space functions and is beautiful .   Don't forget to place that old slipcovered recliner in a nice corner away from a wall.  Trust me it will look great there too.

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