Thursday, December 9, 2021

The benefits of Journaling


Journaling can benefit us in the long run because it can help people see something that they couldn’t see on their own and they can improve upon. Journaling can improve a person’s life by aiding in many areas of their life. Journaling can be anything that the person wants to write about. Some people keep a journal about what they eat during the day to help them lose weight. Some people use a journal created for the arts, either with words or with drawings.  Some people keep a journal as a record of their activities during the day. Some people journal for fun and create a scrapbook from their journal.  

Journaling for weight loss

Journaling for weight loss can help the individual examine how much they eat during the day. Some people can make decisions on what to eat or the amount of food they've had. By journaling, it helps the individual change their eating habits as they look back on how much they ate in a day. 

Journaling for art. 

Some people journal for the creation of art whether it be for writing poetry or short story ideas or even drawing art. Creativity flourishes in the journaling process because it helps the individual and improve their craft. One great poet, Dylan Thomas started journaling when he was 14 years old. He became a great poet laureate.  Writing is a form of expression that flourishes as a creative activity. Journaling allows the freedom of creativity to grow and increase their skills. 

Journaling as a historical record,

 There is journaling as a daily record for events for a person. People like to jot down events or daily activities as a record kept. It keeps the individual looking back at the record, in case they need the information that records the events attended. It allows the person to write about their thoughts, and opinions about different experiences. A more detailed record than a calendar. A Diary of events as a family record that could be used for genealogy purposes. 

Journaling for fun

Journaling can be a fun experience if the person decides to create a scrapbook of events or of a family log.  It is fun to create a scrapbook with die cutouts of Cricut to include on the pages.  Creativity is really utilized when creating a scrapbook journal.  

Journaling for Mental health

Journaling for mental health is another benefit for people to use as an outlet to destress, lower anxiety, let out frustrations and pain in their journals.  It helps a person to express themselves and for up tensions that prevent a person from being happy. 

Journaling for goals 

Journaling is a benefit that can help individuals in their endeavors. A journal can be an outlet to write about your goals, your ambitions, your inspirations and aspirations, even new year resolutions. 

Journaling for self-reflection

 People who journal for these main reasons can examine themselves with their own writing. Journaling allows for self-reflection on what they did during the day, how they felt about it.  Journaling helps the person to take a step back and reflect on themselves to improve on what they could’ve done differently. 

Journaling for better writing 

The more a person writes the better their writing improves. Journaling helps to improve writing skills as an additional benefit. The craft of writing takes practice and brainstorming ideas to create interesting writing. Brainstorming ideas is a difficult part of writing because it is the idea of creating interesting topics to write about.   These are the main reasons why journaling is a benefit for anyone that decides to journal.

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