Friday, January 21, 2022

How to be a good reseller

 Reselling items from thrift can be difficult. I know that looking for items from the Thrift is not always easy. To be a good reseller you have to know which items will sell. This is just one attribute of a good reseller. To be a good reseller, you need to do the following;

1. You need to know which items will resell well. You do this by doing research. You look on eBay and find items you may be interested in selling. Look at sold comps. on eBay, it will tell you the price is sold for. Do research on terapeak on eBay, if you have a store on eBay. It will provide listings of sales for that keyword typed in the search. Look for Unique one-of-a-kind items at the thrift. You can't go wrong with items that are unusual. Search for well-known brands especially with clothing, housewares, and toys. When thrifting with costume jewelry make sure they are signed pieces.

 2. As a reseller you need to know how to market your items for resale. If you still want to sell online, you have to write great titles and descriptions. So that the search engines can find and pick it up for views and traffic. The more traffic the more views for resales when writing the title, start with the brand, what it is and how much is it for. Describe that item as precisely as possible, this includes any defects. Write as descriptive as possible.


3. You need to price your items for resale and to make a profit. Search on eBay comes to see how much the item sold for under eBay's sold comps. Resale items are usually priced at one-third of the original price. Thrift store items are sold for a few cents to a few dollars. You have to evaluate the value of the item to see if it's worth reselling on any online platform.

4. As a reseller you need to multitask, by that I mean you have to source items at the thrift, then photograph and list the items on eBay, and then pack and ship the items out to the client. As a reseller, you will wear many hats. Reselling has to involve time management to handle all transactions during the day.

 5. As a reseller you have to be organized to set up an inventory system to resell. Especially if handling inventory. You have to organize item so that you can find it when needed. Resellers usually store items in plastic totes in a space in the spare room or garage. They place letters on the individual totes to create storage for individual items to be resold to create an inventory system.

 In summary, you need a lot of skills to be a reseller. You will need to do your research as to how to find items to resell. Or if you need to find prices how to research on eBay's sold comp. listings. You will have to learn how to write great titles and descriptions to be found online. As a reseller, you need to multitask to do all of the above tasks. As a reseller, you have to be organized to develop an inventory system. You have to have these skills to be a successful reseller. If you practice the skills listed above you will have success selling online. With a lot of hard work, practice,  and research anyone can be a reseller. 

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