Friday, January 21, 2022

Top 20 items to resell from the Thrift

 If one is looking to find items at the thrift to resell it can be overwhelming because there is so much to pick from. It can be hard to choose which items to purchase. Before you pick items for resale you have to make sure the condition is very good. They can't be chipped or damaged in any way. After you make sense of some of its conditions, you can begin to select what items to resell. 

The top 20 items to resell from the thrift are;

1. vintage clothing is All the Rage with gen Zs and with most people. Try to pick up Classics like jeans, t-shirts, and other types of brand clothing. Make sure the clothing has no stains or damage. Make sure you can read the size of the item because you will have to write it in the description.

 2. vintage toys- vintage plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, board games, and overall toys are excellent items to resell. Especially, if it’s a collectible that is no longer made. It is a popular item to resell. An example: I found the 2003 Care Bear for a dollar at Thrift and am currently reselling on eBay for 16.99.

 3. vintage jewelry when looking at the thrift always look for vintage costume jewelry. You never know what you will find. You might find some fine costume signed pieces or sterling silver. Be on the lookout for Weiss, Trifari, Napier, Lagos, and many other signed brands. 

4.. vintage furniture is another popular item If you can find more furniture pieces like tables, chairs, or stands. You might find pieces to resell on Facebook Marketplace. Again make sure it's not wobbly and that is sturdy. Clean it up a bit before setting it up for resale.

 5. vintage Corning Ware dishes are popular for resale. Look for vintage patterns in bowls, plates, and casserole dishes. Look for the spice of life pattern among the casserole dishes. I sold some CorningWare plates Blue Ribbon design for $28 for a set of 10 it may take some time to sell but it does eventually.

 6. vintage mugs are collectible especially if the design is unique. Look for vintage Rae Dunn mugs as they are worth money, or vintage Starbucks mugs. Any mugs that is different and unique in design. Another brand to search for is otagiri mugs.

 7. vintage art books are valuable because the art books are expensive when first bought by the client. You will find you will be amazed how many are books I have found at the thrift for 50 Cents and resold for $12.00. I found a Goya art book at thrift which I sold for $10 and a Vermeer art book which I sold for $12. Coin books are another seller.

8. vintage crafts like crochet-knit needles or stencils and craft books are good sellers. you would be amazed how these things resell. I found a crochet needle in its original case from Bernard Areo made in England for $2 or resold it for $12 quickly because of the brand.

9. vintage records, cassettes, and CDs. There is a market for collectors who collect these items out of nostalgia. Or who want to hear the quality of sound on a vintage record. Depending upon the title some records are valuable and can be resold. An example is the Beatles records. 

10. holiday decorations are popular depending upon the holiday. You can pick up cute Collectibles like Easter Bunnies, or Ceramics Santa Claus or Halloween jack o lanterns,  just to name a few.

 11. vintage housewares like cake pans, pots, and window treatments are popular. People always need items for the house, especially if the item is a quality item. They will purchase for a few dollars.


12. vintage linens are collectible like embroidered tablecloths, vintage blankets, and hand-knitted Afghans these are popular items to resell on eBay.

 13.  Purses and Handbags are popular to resell. If you can find quality leather handbags or an unusual design. You can resell them on eBay or etsy. There's a market for old vintage purses online.

14. shoes are another popular items to resell if you can find shoes that are in great condition. They could be resold for a profit on sites like eBay.


15. vintage electronics if you can find vintage speakers or stereos. A lot of these items are collectible and can be found online. There's always a market for these items.


16. vintage computers- if you can find vintage computers working or non-working you can resell for parts. Many resellers resell vintage computer parts.


17. vintage small appliances at the thrift you can find blenders, grills, panini press, coffee machines working or non-working. You can sell replacement parts on eBay especially if the brand is expensive like ninja or vita-mix.


18. vintage comic books- finding vintage comics can be difficult to find at thrift. But if found they are very collectible and great for resale. You might find them online at 

19. vintage Sports items that you can find such as vintage golf clubs, bags, Golf covers, and many other sports that are popular for resale.

 20. vintage trading cards like baseball and other sports cards are popular to resell on eBay. On you can find sports cards. 

 In summary, most of these items you will find are at thrift stores, some will be found at  online thrift stores. You will find items to resell for profit because these are items that are the most popular find at the thrift stores.

As long as you examine condition , you can resell anything from the thrift. 

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