Sunday, January 30, 2022

Top tools of the trade to go thrift shopping

 Going to the thrift store may be a fun adventure, especially if you are looking for something specific. If you are looking for that one item to to decorate or for reselling purposes, then you should bring along the these items when shopping.

 1. bring a tape measure to measure any furniture and appliances you may be looking for specific space in the house. a tape measure can help you measure the item before purchase because some furniture may be too big for the space. You want to buy items to scale to fit the home properly.

 2. bring a phone to research the items on Ebay if you are purchasing for resale. Use your phone to look up eBay comps before purchasing that item to make sure it's worth your time and energy to list and sell.

 3.  bring a camera to take pictures of the items if you are indecisive of your purchase. Take photos of the items you are interested in, if indecisive on getting the item. Get opinions on the item from others, just remember that in the thrift store items sell fast.

 4. bring a black light to identify pieces that glow in the dark, an example Vaseline Glass. Identifying vaseline glass is difficult that is why the backlight is needed.

 5. bring a loupe or magnifying glass to examine items carefully. You 

may need to see a signature on art or jewelry. You will need a Jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass to see more clearly.

 6. bring a flashlight to see things more closely. a flashlight is good for items that are hidden in the back that you can't see. you can take your time to examine with a flashlight..

 In summary, you should use these tools when going shopping. It will make the shopping experience more precise with less mistakes are likely. Especially, in selections of furniture pieces, if you find pieces that fit in scalability. If you use these tools to purchase items at the thrift store you can't go wrong. 

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