Friday, February 4, 2022

What are the rules of thrift store shopping etiquette


This is a good question, what is thrift store etiquette? Thrift store etiquette is the rules that make interaction with others less inoffensive and comfortable at a thrift store. Thrift store etiquette involves learning proper behavior socially and professionally, in casual or formal circumstances, here and abroad in the thrift stores.

 Some rules of thrift etiquette is to; 

1.  Be aware of Shoppers around you as you move down the aisles. If you have a cart be mindful not to block aisles. keep cart close to the side of the aisle, you are viewing. It’s good etiquette to be mindful of people around you so you can avoid bumping into anyone.

 2. When looking through thrift items, leave them in the spot you found them, don't unfold clothing and leave it like that. Refold clothing. Leave the items where you found it instead of moving items around.  The employees have grouped certain items together like glassware for example.  

 3.  Don't pull price tags off the items and change prices on items. Looks Shady when you do that.It makes it harder for people that are actually buying piece to know the price and the thrift would have to reprice items.

 4.  Don't buy unpriced donations there are still on cart wait until the items are placed on shelves. This is bad etiquette when you purchase items off the cart that the employees are about to price the items on, unless you ask the employee first.  If it's okay to take off the cart before pricing item.  

5.   Don't try to haggle over price, the prices are set at the thrift, it's not a bazaar or swap meet. At checkout, there is always someone trying to haggle over the price at the thrift.  These prices have been set by the thrift and usually the employees don’t have the authority to unilaterally change the prices.  So be mindful of others waiting on line when you try to haggle over thrift store items.

 6.  Watch your children, if you bring kids into the thrift. Children could innocently damage items at thrift if playing around. 

7.  Only take what you use currently and leave the rest for others.If you see a lot of ites up for sale that you like but there are many of the same goods.  Then leave it for someone else to get, if you have gotten a lot of the items already. 

8.  Don't take too much time in dressing rooms, allow time for others to use dressing rooms to. If the fitting rooms are crowded then good decorum would be to try your item and get out of the fitting room as soon as possible so that others could use it. 

 9. If shopping at Goodwill bins or Outlets doesn't run to grab items. Don't act like a Walmart shopper during a Christmas rush. It’s important to be civilized and not run to grab items out of bins.  It makes the experience more pleasant for everyone.

10.  Don't touch items from another person's cart. This is common sense, if you see something you like in someone’s cart then its too late to get it because its in someone else’s cart.

 11. Do not donate items after hours, try to donate them when staff is available to put away items. It’s bad form to leave items after donation hours because if the donation area is open air, you will leave the donated items out to the elements until the following day when the staff can process the donations.

 12. Do not ask staff to check if items you're looking for is in the back. They must wait to price items before putting on the floor. Even, if they had the item in the back they normally wait for until they have priced the item to bring it out to the shelves.  

 13. Don't take don't talk too loudly or be disruptive. Thrift stores are normally quiet and pensive places. There is usually music being played at thrift stores but if you go to a thrift that is relatively quiet then you should not speak too loudly or be disruptive.

 14. Scan the thrift before actually shopping to get used to the lay of the land. It is good to scan the shop first then look around the store twice to make sure you have not left anything behind.

 15. Don't be upset if you don't find anything at the thrift store.  Sometimes, you may not find anything at the thrift because you may not find anything that attracts you that day.  But, the key is to keep returning to the thrift to find your special item.

 in summary, if you do these fifteen things. Your life in thrift stores will be much easier. Thrift store etiquette is important to make everyone's experience at the thrift enjoyable..

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