Friday, February 4, 2022

Writing about the thrift niche


When writing about a niche, the blogger or writer will give you very generic information. For example, write what you like to write about or pick a topic of great interest to you. The writers never give you specific subjects to write about.

 I write about thrift store finds and going to thrift stores in general. But, I have to admit that the subject is sometimes limiting. Other bloggers insist that the reader must have a problem that has to be resolved and that there is no other reason for reading blogs. I tend to think otherwise, I think that if you write fun engaging content that the readers will stay and read the blog post. You don't necessarily have to have an issue or problem you want solve to read a blog.


I decided to write about the thrift Niche not only to brainstorm my own topic, but to help others who want to write about the thrift topics. Here are some actual ideas to write about the thrift niche. Divide thrift store items into subcategories, for example: clothing, you can write the following:


1. how to purchase thrift store clothing.

 2. how to create one-of-a-kind outfits at the thrift.

 3. how to sustain and maintain thrift clothing.

 4. what are the do's and don'ts of thrift fashion

 5. should thrift clothing be sustainable for the future.


Here are just a few topics one could write about in the thrift Niche. For home decor items you could ask these questions in the thrift niche;

 1. what brand should one look for in Thrift for home decor?

 2. what are popular items to buy in Thrift for home decor?

 3. should you buy used pots and pans from the thrift?

 4. what are some creative uses for home decor Thrift items?

 5. how would thrifted home decor items fit in design in one's house?


These are just some ideas on two categories in the thrift. You could write about toys, collectibles, books, art, unusual things to Thrift, linen and many other thrift store items in the thrift niche.


If you love to thrift, you will find a lot of topics to write about in the thrift niche. There are so many topics and solutions to write about in the thrift niche that you will have endless content for your blog.

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