Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Spring Clean your porch

The best way to clean your porch is to use a solution of warm water and a safe cleaner named Simple green on the concrete patio, leave the mixture on for 15 minutes scrub with a brush then rinse. Let the concrete dry naturally.  After power washing, the concrete should look very clean afterward. Use simple green on the light fixtures too, it should get it all clean as well. 
To get rid of stains on concrete add 1 cup of bleach to a 10 x 10-foot patio. Another trick to remove mildew stains is to get a pool cleaning stick used to remove calcium stains.  Wet the concrete area and the stick then rub the stone stick on the stain, it should remove the mildew rust stain.  Use a pressure washer to clean steps to remove dirt, mildew. 

If you have a teak wood patio deck it should be washed, then dried, then a teak sealer should be used for protection. A teak sealer will protect the teak wood from rotting and the elements.
To clean wicker furniture use a soft brush and a mild dish detergent soap to wash the surface without damaging it.

Wipe down outdoor lighting fixtures with a damp cloth. 
Clean outdoor cushions with a sponge, water, and mild soap and let dry in the sun.

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