Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to organize home with reused items

There are creative ways to save money by using items around the home intended for other uses and recycling them for a new purpose.

Shower hooks could be hung on the closet clothing hanging rod to hang purses, scarves or belts. 

 The empty cardboard toilet paper holders can be reused to hold and store unused electrical cords and label the outside of the cardboard. 

  The cardboard cylinder tubes used in wrapping paper rolls could be reused by cutting them into 4- 5 inch sizes to reuse as wrapping paper holders. By slipping the cardboard over the wrapping paper on both ends to keep paper from opening from storage.

   Reuse old ice cube trays to organize jewelry in drawers.


 Reuse old checks boxes to organize a desk drawer to store clips, rubber bands, odds and ends. I use it to organize my junk drawer and it works well. 

 Use a small magazine rack as a pot lid holder on the inside of a cabinet door. 

  Some of these ideas were from the Simple Dollar Blog. 

 I love that blog.

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